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Considering a Career in Travel Nursing?

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Travel Nursing is one of the best kept secrets in the nursing industry. While travel nursing is not for everyone, it can be an extremely fulfilling career move if you are ready for it.

Some things to consider when you’re contemplating a career in travel nursing:

  1. The Thirteen-week contract: travel nursing assignments are usually 13 weeks long. Travel nurses are typically filling an immediate short term need.
  2. Do you have at least 2 years of experience in your specialty? This is important because, as a travel nurse, you are expected to hit the ground running. Facilities tend to hire travel nurses when they have an immediate need for an experienced nurse.
  3. You can move virtually anywhere in the United States. Have you always wanted to live in California, The Gulf Coast, maybe one of the beautiful New England states? With travel nursing you have the freedom to accept assignments wherever you need or want to be. You can choose to take time off in between assignments or work back to back contracts. You also have the flexibility to be close to home if you choose. We have thousands of positions available nationwide, and we are sure to have an assignment that fits your needs.
  4. Do you want to advance your career? Because of the flexible nature of travel nursing, we are able to place you in a position that will expand your skills. Would you like to change your specialty? We can find you a position in your primary specialty that will allow you to float to other specialties. You can gain the experience you need to decide what is right for you while enjoying the freedom of a short contract.
  5. Travel nurse contracts typically pay more than standard nursing jobs. The reason is simple: Facilities are willing to pay more for a short-term highly qualified candidate. With many contracts the facility has an immediate need for an experienced nurse, and they are willing to pay top dollar to get the right nurse quickly.
  6. Have I mentioned Travel Nursing is Flexible? This point warrants repetition and expansion. Travel nursing allows you to work in a city for as long as you like. We’ve all been stuck in bad cities or jobs far longer than we considered enjoyable. With travel nursing you have the freedom to choose a new facility or city every 13 weeks. While this arrangement can sound a little scary due to the uncertainty, the next item on our list should help put you at ease.
  7. Are you still on the fence about travel nursing? You will have a dedicated nurse placement specialist with you throughout the entire process.

Are you new to travel nursing? We aren’t, the professionals at Advance 24/7 medical staffing have been placing nurses in rewarding careers for over 18 years. It is our goal to keep you employed for years to come, and to do that we strive to build a personal relationship. We find out what is important to you, and we work every day to meet your needs. If your number one priority is stability, we will be sure to line up your next assignment well before your current assignment is complete. If you are looking for great pay, we will only send you assignments that fit your pay criteria. We have access to so many jobs that we a confident that we will have the right position for you. Fill out our quick application for more information!